My Son Jarett, Graduation

Hey folks,

I’m Frost.

Today is the 26th of October 2013, Saturday. I was invited by my son, Jarett, school to attend his preschool graduation. My first kid graduating from preschool and I was so thrilled. There are 320 other children that is graduating with him. A celebration cum ceremony was conducted in the hall of a private club.

They hand out certificates to the kids and there are performance by different various preschool kids in the region.

When it is my son’s turn to go on stage, I was so exited and proud. I have a lot of feelings about the moment that I do not know how to describe. My son is graduating. and he is moving on to former education. Seeing him on stage let me know that I am now a father with a lot more responsibility (of course previously is as well).

Many things flashes through my mind as I see him walk across the stage. About his future, about his academic, about his attitude towards life and so on. He have been our precious since the day he is born and I am very sure that he is destined to be someone useful to our family and to the society. He is starting to show his passion and love for the community and mankind. I remember I always used to tell him and my other kids that LOVE is the ultimate reason why we are present and we will love everyone no matter what the outcome is.

Vividly I recalled what I used to tell him when he is a baby. “I love everybody and everything and everybody and everything loves me”. I would repeat this again and again. Truly I believe that without love, this world wouldn’t even be able to survive till this time. It is love that heal, care, forgive, accept and trust that make this world a better living place. With love, lights prevail, without, we will be living in darkness.

First Thing First In Creating Wealth

Hey, I’m Frost,

What is the first quality that you need to possess in order for your to experience wealth so that you can live comfortably and be merry and joyful in this journey you call life?

How can you live prosperously and never have to worry about monetary issues anymore? And how different your life will be right NOW if whatever you wanted, you already have it? Think about it.

For wealth to come like water in the  river, you have to ride with the tide, it’s effortless and it should be effortless. It is that simple, yet, most of us, human beings, like to complicate things/matters/issues. If we can think simple, it will be simply simple. You have had heard of law of attraction, how simple it is depicted and how people can get what they wanted easily. However, it is a tough process as we have to fight our protective ego to challenge what IT have accepted during those long years of programming by the media, parents, teachers, you-name-it.

To be somebody you have to be behave like somebody. You can’t be a millionaire unless you can behave or think like a millionaire. So the first thing in creating wealth is to think prosperously… again… it’s that simple. Cultivate the feeling of a prosperous life and think abundantly, and in a short period of time. The wealth will come. Period.

The word “prosper” means “to flourish, succeed, thrive, to experience favorable results”. You are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health and plenty in your world. Basically, it gives you the power to make your dreams come true, whether those dreams are concerned with better health, increased financial success, a happier personal life, more education and travel, or a deeper spiritual life.

Prosperous thinking will blossom forth with a look of inner peace, poise, happiness, security and stability not previously apparent.